Comet Goldfish

An American development in the 1880's, the comet tailed goldfish was developed from common goldfish stock by a government worker.

First appearing in the ponds of the U.S. Government Fish Commission Comet Goldfish are known as kometto in Japan.

Comet gold fish have an elongated body, with equally curved dorsal and ventral contours. Unlike the common goldifsh, it is not deep or heavily bodied. While many color option are available the most common colors are;

  • Red-Orange
  • Lemon Yellow 

The main feature of comet variety in the large, deeply forked caudal fin, that can be almost as long as the body itself.

Comet Gender

The males develop white tubercules on the gill covers and leading rays of the petrocal fins.

Comet Breeding

Egg scatterer during the summer

Comet Special Care

It requires plenty of swimming room, and can swim exceptionally fast for short periods of time. It can be kept in a pond.